O F F STRAND – collective off schedule showroom

Visited Off Strand, the 2-day showroom event in Hoxton Gallery/East London, featuring a selection of new fashion+accessories designer. Originally invited by PITCHOGUINA, so let’s have a look first! Below is Anna Pitchoguina in casual boyish outfit with her latest AW14 collection. LOVE the lime greem super-warm jacket.

IMG_7468 IMG_7466IMG_7469 IMG_7471   IMG_7477 IMG_7473

Here we are looking at ALEXA de Castilho – a jewellery brand based in Brighton.


Arlette Ess – luxury digital printed silk shawl



Mury is another brand selling printed silk scarves, with some tote bag as well.


Niza Huang – worth to check out her quirky-elegant hand-made silver jewellery.

IMG_7510IMG_7498 IMG_7499 IMG_7507  IMG_7513




That’s the most exciting collection I have ever seen recently, absolutely in love with the look 33!

Thanks to Consuelo Castiglioni, the eye-poping show had garments from heavy graphic flowers prints to origami-folded pants, quite Japanese-y. Especially like the material cotton organza to go with the collection. Lastly – my favorite, these stunning head-to-bottom embellished outfit had a sleek and sporty look, not that hard to carry. I really appreciate the show was ended with my beloved dark green and angle white.

Leather embossing machine

This video shows the technology of leather embossing machine.


For the sub-brand I created in the marketing project, R+L, would offer an in-store leather embossing service where consumers can order an embossing after purchasing any leather accessories.
My intention is to customize the machine in order to make it NOT so industrial, but looks more like a fancy and futuristic booth where consumer could gain a private access from the public when working on it. Just like those Japanese photo-booth where there is a “room” for big touch-screen and people take their time for choosing different settings.

LED wall, idea for my marketing report

I have been working on a marketing report lately. It is about promoting the UK high street retailer REISS, and to extend a product line. The aim is to create a new sub-brand in order to fill the market gap. I have created a sub-brand called R+L, which is specialising in leather accessories for men and women. This sub-brand would aim at a younger market than REISS does, and it will take a high-technology orientated approaches as part of the brand identity.

I was building the visual brand identity for it, and now am working on the window display design. Draft is illustrated on my sketchbook. There will be a live-size cow at the left-hand side of the window, where front part of its body is outside the window. And the hero-item is displayed on a Victorian foot stool on the right-hand side. These two items are seperated by an arch and pillar, yet these architecture are not constructed with stones or any other material, but a LED board.

Thus, this LED video wall created by AdaVision becomes the perfect choice for my window design! Initially I was hoping the wall could change colour according to the time of a day, yet this wall offer a much wider diversity to it. From live video from webcam to playing various video, this wall will certainly attract people’s eyeballs from the street! I may change my plan to “let the AdaVision team to design a series of program with the LED wall”!